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I've been a lacto-ovo veggie for 15+ years and for almost every week of those years I've found myself going out to eat with my meat loving family or friends. Tired of finding myself at restaurants were I'm left nibbling on a very uncreative salad I've created this blog to help others like myself find the best options when eating out, and what restaurants your better off staying away from if you're looking for a fulfilling veggie meal.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Art (St. Louis, MO)

2203 S. 39th Street
St. Louis, MO 63110
Menu Creativity:  Great
Ambiance:  Casual, small, friendly
Overall Experience:  Fabulous
Rating:  Wonderful for vegetarians and vegans
The 39th:  Vegan BLT
This Veggie Girl is spending some needed time with some of her favorite people in the world, which reside in that grand ol' city...St. Louis.  So I'm bringing you a traveling review from that aforementioned town.  After perusing the suggestions from veggie boys and girls in St. Louis we    decided to head over to Sweet Art, a bakery/art studio/sandwich shop/coffee shop.  It's a very small place, about eight tables and some window seating, but it has the comfortable feeling of sitting in your friends kitchen.    For being primarily a bakery they had a great selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches.  They also carry quiche and savory pies (unfortunately they did not have any of the pies when we were there).  Almost everything can be made vegan!  For a look at all that they have to offer check out their website here (to access the menu click on the E.A.T.S. section)

The Klemm
What I ate:  I had the 39th, which was a vegan BLT made with smart bacon, mixed greens, and magic spread (their house vegan dressing).  Usually I'm not a fan of vegetarian places using products I can buy at the store, but they really did a great job of elevating the sandwich.  They use local ingredients as much as possible and you can definitely tell by the great quality of what winds up on your plate.  The mixed greens give a little peppery umph to the sandwich and the magic spread is light, and creamy with just a touch of tanginess.  The only criticism would be what we received as our side of fruit, just a couple orange slices; though I was soon distracted by the deliciousness of my sandwich. Overall a yummy sandwich which made every one of my taste buds very happy indeed!

What my friend ate:  She had the Klemm, which is a grilled cheese sandwich (can be made vegan) made with Havarti cheese, mushrooms, and a sun-dried tomato & artichoke spread.  Which was so yummy it was eaten in it's entirety, which unfortunately left no room for a cupcake! 

Pure YUM!
The cupcake I ate:  Caramel kiss.  This cupcake was so good it should be called Carmel make-out!  I've never been a frosting fan, I tend to find it too cloyingly sweet, but this frosting was a light smooth and creamy buttercream that wasn't overly sweet.  Then combine that with the drizzle of caramel on the top and the moist delicious cupcake below and you have perfection.  Seriously...this will end up being one of those food items I crave!  I better find out if they deliver to Chicago!

Do you have a favorite St. Louis eatery?  If you've eaten at Sweet Art what was your experience?  Post your responses in the comments below.
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